Unquiet Media are a unique production company that draw on industry, academic, and personal experience to create and curate multi-platform, multi-format content relating to all matters of the human mind but with mainstream, commercial audience appeal.

Our work ranges from traditional production activities to short-form and branded content, research and development, project consultancy, and workplace consultancy – all combining our experience and expertise in content production with both psychology and neuroscience, with our team comprising of industry-leaders from both worlds; from Oscar-winning directors, global giants of the media sector, to renowned scientists and academics.

We prioritise telling unheard stories, and finding new ways of telling these stories. In a world that continues to misconceive, misunderstand, and misrepresent psychological differences and challenges at an accelerated rate in media and society, Unquiet Media create content that informs, educates, and entertains - and centres the human at the heart of the story.


Film and TV Production
Short Form Content
Research and Development 
Workplace Consultancy
Project Consultancy
Brand Work


Exploring and developing better ways of accommodating neurodiversity in the Screen Sector
In addition to our creative work, Unquiet Media are also conducting a UKRI-funded research and development project, titled ‘EXCEPTIONAL MINDS’, aimed at researching the specific barriers faced by neurodivergent individuals within our sector and developing better practices to accommodating their needs.
EXCEPTIONAL MINDS will address existing stigmas and misconceptions around hidden differences, advise and assist in creating more accessible work environments, and amplify neurodivergent voices within our industry.
Are you neurodivergent and working in the screen sector, or an employer wanting to do better by your neurodivergent employees? Please get in touch – we’d love to hear from you! 


To Entertain

To Educate

To Listen

To Be Accessible

Amplify Authentic Voices

To Squash Stigmas

To Celebrate Diversity

Commercial Value

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