Survey Call-Out

Are you neurodivergent and working in the screen sector?

Have you ever been mistreated, misunderstood, or discriminated against in your workplace or work environment because you were ‘different’? Whatever your experience of neurodiversity (autism, ADHD, dyslexia, dyspraxia, or any other or additional neurodevelopmental difference) and whatever your role within the industry, we want to hear from you for our research and development project that hopes to enact change to ensure these negative experiences are a thing of the past.

Please take part in our short survey on experiences of neurodiversity in the screen sector: 

or get in contact to share your story in an alternative format:

Detailed Information:

What are we asking for?

We are looking for people in the Screen Sector (film, tv, animation, games) who identify as neurodivergent (whatever that might mean to them) to share with us a time they were mistreated, misunderstood, or discriminated against in their workplace or by an employer/colleague as a result of their condition.

For example, maybe you were yelled at or humiliated in front of others for struggling to follow instructions; maybe you were turned down from a job for asking for reasonable accommodations; maybe you were laughed at for misspelling an email; maybe you were overwhelmed by the expectations of a film set, with no support available to help you through it. Whatever your personal experience – we would like to hear it.

What is it for?

We (Unquiet Media, a Welsh-based production company) are collating negative experiences of neurodivergent individuals in the screen sector to produce a short video that highlights the many barriers neurodivergent people face entering and remaining within employment in this industry.

This video is part of a wider research and development project, called EXCEPTIONAL MINDS, focusing on improving practices and policies for accommodating different minds in the work place. This video will act as a call-to-action for employers by forcing them to confront the harsh realities of navigating our industry. 

For more information on the EXCEPTIONAL MINDS research project, contact or follow Unquiet Media on their socials:

What do I have to do?

On the next page, you will be asked to complete a consent form, giving us permission to include your story, in part or in whole, as part of a video that is being produced on the experiences of neurodivergent individuals in the screen sector.

You will then be asked to respond to a short questionnaire, where we will ask you to share a story with us.

Can I share my experience in a different way?

Of course. The written word is not the preferred method of communication for everyone – and that’s okay. If you would prefer to share your experience with us via phone call, video call, voice note, video, or any other way, then please contact us at and we will ensure to accommodate your preferred method, whilst also ensuring your right to anonymity.

How will my experience be represented?

The video in question will feature neurodivergent actors telling some of the shared experiences to camera in a ‘talking-head’ style interview.

If you are an actor yourself, and you would prefer to share your experience on camera, then we’d love to hear from you. Please get in touch at

Where will the video be shown?

The video will first be shared on Unquiet Media’s social media channels, and distributed to relevant people within the sector. It will be public-facing and the aim is for as wide distribution as possible.

What is in it for me?

As part of a wider research and development project, you will be credited on the final EXCEPTIONAL MINDS deliverables as a Project Contributor to this important work to better our sector – if you would like to be credited.

Will my story remain anonymous?

Yes – we will not ask you to share any identifying information (such as name, workplace) with us, unless you would like to do so.

Your experience will not be able to be linked back to you.

If you do not want to remain anonymous, and you would like to be credited as a Project Contributor, there is an opt-in option for you to do so.

Can I change my mind?

Yes – you may withdraw consent from participation at any time up until the video is produced. In this instance, we may need to ask you some questions to identify which response needs to be removed if you have opted to remain anonymous, but this will be done so discreetly and all data deleted immediately following. 

As a neurodivergent individual in, or interested in, the screen sector – can I get involved further with this project?

Of course – we’d be delighted to have you on board. We will have many opportunities over the course of the project for you to get involved – there is an opt-in option at the end of the questionnaire to be contacted about these in the future.

If you would like a PDF version of the Detailed Information Sheet for your records, please contact us at