Fields Park, our Parent Company, have decades of experience and expertise in content creation and curation, as well as extensive connections earned from many years and various media partnerships within the industry. In their production ventures, Fields Park have always chosen to support projects that have empathy and exploration of the human psyche at the heart. Their most recent example of this is Craig Roberts' latest feature, ETERNAL BEAUTY, starring Academy Award nominated Sally Hawkins, which deals sensitively with overt themes of paranoia and schizophrenia.
Dragon, another long-time media partner, are experts in VFX, 360 editing, digital asset build and editing, and post production. We are currently partnering with Dragon on their recently announced plan to innovate Smart Headphones, moving beyond the current noise-reduction possibilities to reach a wide array of audience specific needs. With auditory sensory conditions effecting millions of people globally, this technology, produced with CLWSTWR support, has the potential to be life changing for so many.
We are in the process of assembling a renowned team of partners for UNQUIET, which we expect to announce soon. This team will include award-winning documentary makers, healthcare and educational development experts, psychologists and neuroscientists, industry leading production companies and globally recognised animators, artists, and designers.

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